The waiting Game..

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So only a week to go before I can test the result.
It reminds me of when Dad used to make his own wine and beer.
The waiting to see if it was drinkable or not.
How times change.😁

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I'm impressed with how much bud you ended up with, SCORE!

We will see Lyndsay. Quantity or quantity lol. I will certainly let you know ❤

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Ive heard early wine called Troupe wine. I guess early weed could be called troupe weed LOL. Or grass weed. I have some very early branches drying now that I needed to remove from the plant. Good luck on your cure. Dont forget to "burp"the jar. :)

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Cheers Buddy. Good luck with your troupe weed lol. Lots of burps 😁😁

Curing does seem to take the longest!! But when you open the jar to burp it.. watch out! Heavenly!

I never let a burp go to waste lol😁

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Almost there! Cant wait for the smoke report.

You and me both Buddy😁

That’s a great looking stash! What a wonderful first harvest. Can’t wait to hear about how it smokes.

Thanks. I can't wait either😁