Cannabis Creative Contest Week 5: Luci Atque Umbris

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~to give gifts to light and to shadows

This is my original photograph of a cannabis plant. It was taken with my iPhone. This female plant is a Cherry Kush grown from seed. The seed was from my plants in Oregon. When I came to Mexico I brought a few seeds with me.

Because of its pure indica genetics it behaved like an auto-flower here in tropical latitudes. It took just two and a half months to go from seed to harvest.

I wish I had brought more seeds with me.

A Big Thank You

to @jgvinstl for holding this contest and for his continued support for the cannabis community.

Get in on this contest to win WEED. Make a post to enter an original black and white photograph with a cannabis theme.


Thank you for entering the contest!

Awesome B&W Pic. good luck, I might enter if I can find time!👍😎
upped resteemed

I like plants where genetics indica predominates, in large quantities. Photo super.

Looks like a little Christmas tree :-D
You could always throw a couple schwag seeds down haha.

Frosty freedom plant. Great picture.
A lonesome pine of smokey delight 😎

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Damn... Nice work!

And shit maybe I'll have to send you some Oregon seeds then.

I'd advise cloning! I always have copies of great strains

The bud looks original
It’s good that your medicinal plant has ripened.

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