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Here’s the deal: If you buy invest your steem on the market 10 to 70 WEEDCASH and Stake them up in your Steem-Engine Wallet, I will double that amount for you.

The instruction

  1. Buy 10 to 70 WeedCash on Steem-Engine (or use WeedCash you had bought earlier).
  2. Stake those WeedCash Tokens to your Steem-Engine account
  3. Comment on this post with the amount you powered up. With screenshot of purchase after this post gets authored.
  4. You must buy Weedcash it cant be weedcash you already have laying around. I will be checking to see if you buy and stake.

I will check your account history and if your claim is correct, I will reward your comment via @chronocrypto account with the amount you’ve powered up. (Investing in WeedCash is just as good or better than investing in real Weed!)

For example, if you powered up/Staked 40 WeedCash, your comment will receive a 40 Weedcash vote reward.

Please note that the actual value of your reward can change in time depending on reward pool, and please also remember the 60/40 split.


  1. Invite your Stoner friends to join this initiative by mentioning them in your comment and get a bonus reward!
  2. Power up the maximum amount (70 WeedCash) and get a bonus reward!

A few rules

  • The giveaway starts on 10/23/2019 at 9:00 UTC and ends on Weedcash post payout. Staking of your WeedCash done before and after this period won’t be rewarded.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed and the amount you claim in your comment should be the exact amount of WeedCash you powered up. Cheaters will get zero reward.
  • The entries will be rewarded as soon as possible, please be patient as I might be stoned and this is manual work requiring time and attention.

By participating in this contest, you directly contribute to WeedCash.Network growth and to your own success on the platform!

We had a decent amount of participants, let's get more this time! Also if you tag others here in a new comment, you will also get a reward for that comment, please one comment for the proof or staked Weed and one comment with others #.

I am not saying let's pump the market but let's pump the market and give it some strength and a nice buy/sell wall Look at the market, I know you know someone that self medicates why not post about his/her experience on Cannabis and earn some weedcash and steem!

I know the cannabis community is stronger than this. Get to staking and smoking some Weed


Boom, just bought and staked another 70 WEED :D

Awesome initiative. Thanks!

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Mad love for this initiative!

I Hope I'm not too late. I bought 50 more and staked
For some reason i can't upload a pic..I'll get @wdougwatson to look an see what I'm doing wrong lol

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Can somebody please walk me through the process on how to buy weed with steam?
This is a great idea. But i am afraid i still dont know how to do this in steemengine.


Login to steemengine, check if you have any STEEMP (the DEX equivalent of STEEM). I assume you haven't, given your question, hence see two buttons in your SE Wallet: Withdraw and Deposit. Click deposit and follow instructions to transfer your STEEM into STEEMP.

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