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This a picture I took day 2 of these plants. Start them in the net then tuck and tie them down to try and get a good even canopy. Not super easy to do with big, heavy yielding plants, but I always try my best and try to learn and get better at it. Live growing as a farmer and a person. These are the same plants I’m running now and have been updating. Flower pictures are to come soon. I hope all my followers and everyone in general as a good upbeat day and weekend. Once again these are grown in dirt organically by yours truly. I hope other growers luck, and take her easy. Peace ✌️

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Two, 100 pint one going into a trash can, and a 50 pint

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You have a great weekend as well! I got Monday off, which means I will actually have 2 days off in a row!

I'll give you a call and tell you a secret...

That latest harvest is definitely up to your high quality standards. Gonna blaze one now.

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