Gg4 and zookies

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Top view of two plants in a scrog setup underneath a 1000 hortilux bulb in a air cooled hood. Day 30. Grown in dirt by me. One gg4, one zookies. Bud pictures will come soon from these plants. Next to them is another gg4 and a platinum. Other 2 hoods I put a hulk and another duct tape in one, platinum and memory loss in the other. Coming down the pike will be 🍓 strawberry ice, orange blossom and once again purple punch. I have started to learn a little, much more left to learn. And learn from other growers, studying and trial and error will. Hope everyone has a good day.

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I just want to jump in that like Scrooge mcduck!

For sure. I will take a picture of them from the bottom up and show it in another post. I need to figure out how to share 2 pictures on the same post from the partiko app

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I've never used that app. One thing for sure cowboy, Im enjoying your posts! But as a grower I see so much besides what is in the pic. I do have to say, I am very impressed that this is two plants. I went out and got me some 5 gallon pots this weekend. Time to retire some strains, and focus on my blueberry muffin, then get that Vanilla Frosting from Dark Heart once it is released.