Grow room update, and bonus bud picture

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Hello. Another post up, about my little medical grow. There is 8 plants here, under four 1000 watt air cooled hoods with high pressure sodium hortilux bulbs. The four in the middle are two super glues, a platinum and a zookies. These 4 are on week 7, day 2. Also a upclose of the zookies. These are all grown in soil by me. Hopefully all is well with everyone. Peace ✌

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Nice update man!

Thanks man👽. It’s cool you came and checked it out.

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Dude how can I not come look at the best bud grown on steem? Lol as soon as I can get a good or two, I’m doing it.

That’s a frosty bud you’ve got there. I like the hortilux bulbs too, with the air cooled shades. No fun cleaning the glass though. Do your shades have the glass on hinges so you can open it for easy clean and bulb change? Such a nice invention that was.

Looks like I can see 6 plants in the picture, what is the second one from the right?

Camera cut off one on the right, and there's one hidden behind another one

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Wow man, that is some intense growing. Amazing crystals already, that is going to be powerful stuff!

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