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Here we go again. I put these two in on Monday. One “hulk”, not Bruce banner a mystery plant I’ve had for like 4 years a friend gave me. The Other one, duct tape, which by looks is gonna be good. I’m pretty busy right now, also planting a vegetable garden and flowers. I love growing. Cannabis and everything. I’m having fun here on steemit, and everyone coming and checking out my blog is very cool. Pictures of the next next run, rooted clones in Dixie cups, clones in the cloner, duct tape finished, new platinum flower, and the forum gsc that’s is really good but to small a yielded, all coming friends. This how I start my scrog setup. Happy weedsday. Peace ✌️

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Right on Cowboy!

Thanks man. More to come

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Smoking these strains is nice. Smoking flower grown by @cowboyblazerfan, pretty damn nice. Taste is what I strive for, Terp city.

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Shit, I like that cowboy. @prettydamnice hmmmmm.....can I have it? I like that. Has a ring to it. <3 well if I make it to CANNA STEEM I just wish I had friends on this side of the world. It seemed when I moved to Vegas I started working day-to-day and yes I had acquaintances and some friends but when you get sick well as anybody knows the 1st thing you lose is your friends the people you think are your friends. Nothings like the friends you get when you grow up . It's hard for me to get around by myself if I was rich it would be so easy. It pisses me off that money is the only answer. If I was rich I can hire an aide to carry everything for me to push my wheelchair. It just really sucks I want to go

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I go to Vegas usually once or twice a year, planning a trip this fall I believe, like to gamble on football and get away. That would be cool if u make it, long trip I get that. I’m pretty sure there gonna stream it or record it is the rumor I heard. I’m fairly sure I’ll be there myself, close to home :)

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Nice shot cowboy! That yellow color the light is emitting, is very nice on the eyes in this pic.

Dude yes! Bruce Banner is one of my all time favorites would love to try the hulk

Suck it bitches... !


Bow down to a real grower and at least respect the skill.

Oh yeah still smoking that "topshelf" you grow? How's that powdery mildew taste for months that was totally preventable?

That hulk crushes Bruce banner. For real top shelf and straight fire.