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RE: Creator Of WeedCash On GHRO

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Do you know of a less technical explanation of what this is? Many people in the past 72 hours have become excited, but I've yet to figure out what it is, what it does, and how it might impact me as a simple content-creator for the Steem blockchain.
One thing I notice right away is that this divides the strength of the cannabis tab/community.


NO that's the thing, its still being posted on the steem block chain. I guess a simple way of saying it, is as a cannabis creator, you now are earning 3 cyrptos ( Steem, SBD, Weedcash) just for posting as you generally do. So far Im seeing new people post about cannabis, and also people that have stop posting in awhile.

Pretty sure everybody is supposed to stop posting in "cannabis" and post in "weedcash" tab instead, to get the upvotes?

No, still use cannabis tag, but also use weedcash tag to get it to show up on the front end, so people with weed cash staked can upvote you. ALso if someone has weed cashed staked, when they vote on steem, there vote is cast on weed cash as well. The only thing is it has to be cannabis content. SO people who will abuse the tag to game the system, they more then likely will be down voted. Its still new, and things will get sorted out as time goes along.

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