Sin Valley OG by BAM (Body and Mind)

in #weedcash2 years ago

These names crack me up.

I get it tho this is vegas aka sin valley and it’s some OG. BAM has some good tree and this was pretty decent. Not the best OG but it was worth the price.

The nugs were pretty dense and dry

of course because of this hot ass weather but I can bring them back to life (I have a trick))

Scooped up some of their Purple Punch 🥊 🍇

I’ll breathe on that next

Terp profile was cool.

Pretty balanced with the terps so it had a good consistent taste to it. Heavy on the B - Car so that’s a good sign of some heavy smoke good for bedtime

Backwood burner ...ashes were on the white side which is something I check for. White ashes mean clean smoke! 💨

Time to catch some


nice to see ya back

Man I need to get back to the real world. Good looking nugs!

greetings, @heaterville

Great news, man !! I know very little about this area and this site is helping me to learn more. I really liked your topic. For those who are beginners, it helps a lot to understand.

Thank you and good morning!!!

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good food

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What’s up??? Smoke one!!

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