Cannabis Creative Contest Week SIX: Creative Writing (Last Weeks Winner!!! New Prizes!!!)

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Welcome to week SIX of The Cannabis Creative Contest!!!!

CCC Card.jpg


Last weeks contest was Black and White Photography

Thank you to @carrieallen, @choosefreedom, and @karenmckersie for entering the contest last week!

The winner of 200 WEEDcash is.....@Karenmckersie

Congratulations, here is your WEEDcash!


I am going to change up the prize structure!!

I want to get other tribes involved and have a cross pollination of content from anyone interested in participating.

All the art will still be cannabis based, but the reward will be tokens from each tribe that I participate in!

New Rewards!!!

After Aug 24th the winner of the contest will receive...

50 Weedcash
50 Creative Coin
10 Neoxian Silver

This weeks contest will be Creative Writing!

I want a story about your first experience with Cannabis. It does not matter if it was a great experience or a horrible one.

Be creative! I'm gonna need a beginning, middle, and end. The more embellished and entertaining your story, the better!



  • The title of your post should be Cannabis Creative Contest Week 6: (your entry title)
  • The story must be your own creation
  • It must be cannabis themed.
  • Please link your post in the comments.
  • Only one contest entry per person.
  • You do not have to upvote or resteem, however, a resteem to reach more people would be greatly appreciated!
  • This contest will be open until Aug 24th

Make sure you tag your contest entry with #weedcash, #creativecoin, #palnet, #neoxian and any tribe of your choice that accepts original creative content! Be smart, be a #ResponsibleTagUser!

If you make your post through Steempeak you can use up to 10 tags!


Go grab your bong and get a fat bowl of Sativa ready!

I look forward to all of your awesome stories!!!

Until next time, with big hugs and nugs from me...







Creative Coin




Neoxian City


Here you go.

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I always moan that there's not enough creative writing posts on ...

Awesome! I just got done reading it. Once again, thank very much for the entry and personal story.

You are welcome. Hopefully my Shameless tagging will invite others to write as well.

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Oh Wow! Hahaha thanks so much @jgvinstl for the 200 WEED , I was wondering how I got that, lol!! Thats so awesome, I like how you changed up your prize structure for this week, im not much of a writer but would like to wish everyone the best of luck! 👍👍👍😎 Upped 💯 and resteemed #palnet #neoxian #weedcash #creativecoin

You are welcome! Hopefully, there is another challenge that fits some of your skills soon.

See you around the block...chain!

I gotta resteem this just so that I can remember to work on a post for it...LOL
Darned old pothead, can't remember nothing...LOL

Nice, thanks for the resteem. My memory is scattered most of the time too

Oh my god I love this one. I am afraid mine might be a little dark and probably personal but it has made me excited as about a piece of creative writing.

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Stimulate your mind!

Written. Will post tomorrow.

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The only thing I object to though is the title. It makes it harder to search for your post later down the track as rather than the title of your peace you have to remember the name of the competition.. it is also more engaging to get an interesting title rather than the name of the contest. Hope you don't mind this little bit of feedback, meant with the best intention xx

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I can see that.

With it being a newish contest, I figured that would be a good way to get the word out. Thank you for the feedback.

S'okay, I can cope. Resteemed, plus I'm gonna write something and shamelessly tag some peeps.

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