Cannabis Creative Contest Week 6 - First time

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Good afternoon, dear community! It was a long time ago, right after graduating from my favorite school, in which I was a splinter, with teachers. They had a banquet, the reason was my departure from school. I went to college, after two days spent in college, I decided to go with my friend to my native school and show all teachers and high school students that we are already adults. And the teachers are no longer decree to us. So, not brought up - was @Senattor. Now I do not have a portfolio with books and notebooks, but I have one 48-sheet notebook in all subjects. These were young horns. But memories are not about that. Before going to school, a friend told me, let's smoke herbs. I honestly did not know what grass was, although I had sex with different ladies many times, and I was not so stupid. But it turned out that life is just beginning.

Grass was stolen from a friend of his father, a variety brought from sunny Uzbekistan. The effect was very strong even for an adult who likes to smoke weed.

We made parking on the football field. A friend took a tissue paper from me, shook out the tobacco from it, and poured medicine there, not much at all. A friend kept dried medicinal buds in a syringe keychain, so there wasn’t a lot of weeds in the tissue paper, two breaths into the lungs. After smoking weed, we smoked a tobacco cigarette and moved to the schoolyard. Somewhere I smoke a cigarette, somewhere I laugh hysterically, tears already flowing and my legs become light, it felt like they were filled with cotton wool. I did not feel such a pleasant feeling when not counting sex. My mouth was so dry that I could not say a word and laughed more and more. But at the same time, I could not open my mouth, because my lips were glued with dry, sticky saliva. These four hours passed in a hysterical laugh, with a strong, dry mouth on the school football field. From which we could not leave.

I have never been to my native school again. Since I moved, live in another city. After this funny story, I didn’t smoke weed for many years, then I started using it as an anesthetic, why it’s not a natural product, it helps me. Better than chemical pills. And I quit smoking tobacco forever, and never started smoking, it was pampering. I still have that pack of cigarettes,. into which I will now pour medicinal leaves and smoke it, dear friends, for your health.

I am a small collector, and I have a collection of old cigarettes, and one. Instead of a key syringe, I will use a real syringe. I turn on the time machine.


I like!

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All health and profit.

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Thank you for your entry! I appreciate your participation in the Cannabis Creative Contest!

Thank you so much.

With the syringe at all cool happened.hahaha. Funny article.Good luck.

Thank you so much.

From sunny Uzbekistan in the 90s, good grass also came to us. Funny varieties were.

My jaw ached for two days, it was very funny.

You had a great time with a friend. I liked your bud, what kind of plant? It would be nice to visit with a friend, that fun place and repeat smoking again, and a good laugh. hehehe

I’ll do it, I live with a friend. Sativa plants.

I agree with you,beautiful Bud