Legaliaze everything now. So we can start focusing on the social corruption that has resulted from 80 years of prohibition. Here the cost of tobacco has been legislated to rise 30% every 6 months, since this legislation was brought in some years ago domestic violence rates have increased dramatically. It is claimed that the price increase covers the spending on the health system so there is now infact more spending in the health sector dealing with domestic violence due to tobacco price increase than those acutally afflicted with tobacco related illness are causing. If this level of irony arises so quickly in the regulated drug market then the illegal market cannot even be fathomed. Total freedom, total responsibility.

Hi, I would just like to mention that I have answered the question you have made to Witnesses on @witnesssurvey All my answers, including the one to your question, are at Thank you very much for engaging on the community and getting to know more the witnesses!

Umm, I think you might (really?) like!

I know (from your discussion with @frankbacon) that you're not long on the blockchain and are figuring this one out, and therefore may not take lightly to the notion of yet another :) ... I got onto in Oct, after having been here since Jan, so I'm just plopping this in here as an idea for possible future consideration.

Familiarity with interacting with the Steem blockchain will in any case guarantee familiarity with the Smoke blockchain. The culture is different, crypto rewards are distributed differently (50-50, as opp. to 75-25 here), it's even more of a baby project at currently only a few months old, and possibly a bit (very?) like Steem(it) was in the early days in terms of a collective finding of feet.

I use them both and feel I'm beginning to find a happy medium.

That's me btw. Great Frank persuaded you onboard, the expression he gives to ideas spins magic 🔆

The only problem with feral hemp is that wild goats eat it, and there none left for me. Greedy greedy goats!