I also want to float like them || my photography

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First of all greetings to everyone on the weekend. Today is a very important day for me because I am a working man. Every week I take a day off on this day and on these days I try to give time to my family and my hobbies To attend, but today I will try to write a picture of my past. I hope our readers will like my story.

One weekend I went on a boat trip with my family that would be a couple of months from now.I love nature as much as it is true the biodiversity of nature I see someone from afar and try to approach them and take care of them I like to do it.I remember that day when I was walking around in a boat, I saw some ducks floating in the water and they were walking around in groups happily. It fascinated me and I got emotional right away because I wanted to be like them.
Really, some scenes make me feel good in a moment, and to me, this scene was just something that made my mind lighten in a moment.Just like I was going around in the boat with my family, they were also floating in the river in groups and they were floating and they were moving around independently. I liked it very much.
Sometimes my mind also wants to move around a little independently because there is a lot of learning from nature at the end of the day and I want to be educated about learning from nature. I think every human being should learn from nature because nature One of our great teachers.
However, when I was looking at the picture today, I remembered that day and I suddenly went back to my past and I was feeling good. I wish everyone a good time. Love nature and love the biodiversity of nature.20200814_22490101.jpeg

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