Cat weekend

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Let me tell you about my weekend. I was home alone with Murie and all I did was playing Playstation games, being lazy and playing with Murie. He was really happy about it though, a weekend just for him.


Of course when I was looking at my phone or the ps he was like...


So I just gave up and Murie was like..."ok, you are my slave, you could pet me "



This weekend was so special for him also because he finally reached the last place in the house he couldn't before 😁 He tryed to get up there for 2 days, he was falling on the groung and being unsatisfied. But he finally climb up there and he was like speakind to me to go and see him "maww, mawww". He looked proud, haha


Then he could finally get some rest - a deserved one after the big success... 😊



And what about me, I could finally enjoy a cup of coffee, a little chocolate...and tell you about my weekend here.



Its so quite! lovely weekwnd with the best friend

I wish I was in place of this lucky cat! nice post thanx very much

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