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RE: Weekend Free Write: Money Was Spent on Drugs and More of Them.

in #weekendfreewrite3 months ago

I'm so happy you've joined us for this freewrite, and what a freewrite it is!

Beautiful yet disturbing imagery. Fear, flight, light, pathos. No friends! A compelling story. I hope she gets away for good, and finds a safe and welcoming place to alight with no knocking in her head.

It truly is amazing what comes out when you stop trying to think and just write. Have you ever tried the most dangerous writing app? I only braved it once, and that may have been the best freewrite I ever wrote. So tight, little proofreading necessary, almost perfect the first time through.

Sounds like you work a bit like I do - I set the timer and write for 4:30, then proofread without changing content for a couple more minutes.


Wow - I'll have to try that app! I'd love to get into freewriting more - it's a fascinating study and I enjoy the creative process too.

I did set the timer for 5/5/5, but then spend about 10 minutes doing page breaks, editing any inconsistancies and grammar errors, and finding a picture. Lots of fun - I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for loving it! It kinda was getting a bit cyperpunk in my mind, as if the drugs were literally stopping the men entering for the secret she'd discovered. There's so much here I want to play with.

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