Weekly FOOD Contest Awards Increased.My own handmade cake

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Hi steemians,
How are you all. I hope everyone is well. Today I will share with you a recipe made by myself.

This dish is very popular for those who live in Yagram. Because today I will talk about how to make a cake in the oven.

The method of making cakes in the oven is as follows

The ingredients used to make the cake in the oven are-

1. Eggs


2. Flour


3. Sugar


4. Milk

5. Baking powder


6. Ghee



To make the cake in the oven I first broke two eggs in a pot. Anyone can use more eggs here if they want. Then I mixed the eggs well. Then I mixed a cup of sugar in it. The sugars have to be mixed well. Otherwise the cake will not be good. If the sugar is mixed well then one cup amount in it. I gave the flour. I mixed it well with flour. Then I gave it a teaspoon of baking powder. I mixed all the ingredients together well. If it is not mixed well, the cake will not be good. All the above ingredients must be given in a certain amount.
After mixing all the ingredients in a good way, I mixed it with a cup of hot milk. Now all the ingredients are given.


Now I took a pan. I put white oil on it and brushed it. Then I put white paper on its floor and around it. Then I poured the cake making mixture into it. Then I put some amount of sand in a pot and put it on the stove for some time and heated it. Then I put an iron ring in the pot. Then I poured the cake mixture on it. I kept it. Then I heated it for 50 minutes.

Then I took the cake out of the oven. Then it can be served in different ways.

I hope all of you like my cooking. If there is any mistake in my writing, you must forgive me.
Thanks for reading my post.


The delicious cake you prepared looks great. I see ghee for the first time, the look of the cake looks like a lemon cake :) Your participation in the contest has been successfully approved. I would like to see you participate in the big prize competitions that I will organize every week. Thank you. :)

Thank you for such a nice feedback. And I will try to participate in the competition every week.