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RE: Weekly FOOD Contest Awards Increased! TOTAL 120 STEEM AWARDS X3 !

That's great, thank you for running this contest.

Hope this vote will help fund future food and cooking contests soon.

The Steemit Team

Country Reps - perhaps you can help promote this contest to your communities please

@njiatanga @oppongk @beautychicks @focusnow @yohan2on
@belenguerra @fendit @anasuleidy @edlili24 @mariita52 @tocho2 @tarpan @toufiq777 @neerajkr03 @rishabh99946@sapwood
@anroja @ernaerningsih @radjasalman
@cryptokannon @rashid001 @besticofinder @randulakoralage
@knopka145 @alexmove @antorv @olesia @kiwiscanfly

Perhaps there might also be people who would like to get involved with a Food & Cooking community with @alikoc07

Thank you


Just shared. Sorry I'm not getting notifications for mentions sometimes. 🤔

I am resteem this post. I shared the post on my twitter and facebook account. I would encourage everyone to participate in this contest.

Resteemed to others .. thanks for the mention.

Please follow me. ı am new in steemit.😊

okay 😉

Sure, I really liked the idea of this contest, so I'll be more than pleased to spread the word! :)

I'll include a link to it in our current contest!

I am very glad that you helped the weekly cooking contest reach more users and liked the concept. Thank you. :)

Please follow me. ı am new in steemit.😊

Thank you very much for this support, I have just organized a competition at the beginning level. You can be sure that in time I will organize much better competitions. I am very happy that our reward pool is expanding, we can reach a large number of participants with the help of Country Representatives. So I thank everyone who wants to help.


Please follow me. ı am new in steemit.😊

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