Weight Loss: Put these 6 habits to reduce obesity, waist size will be reduced immediately

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Weight Loss: Put these 6 habits to reduce obesity, waist size will be reduced immediately

Losing weight is not as difficult as it may seem. You too can lose weight if you change your habit a little bit.

If you are aiming to lose weight, it is not necessary to maintain your weight for a long time just by getting the right diet or exercise. For body weight to always be in balance, you will need to make a lot of changes in your habits and lifestyle.

A study published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine in 2019 shows that by adopting a healthy lifestyle you can keep the problem of weight gain and obesity far away. Today we will tell you about 6 similar easy weight loss habits, which you must get up in the morning.

  1. Drink hot water
    If your metabolism slows down at night, it is very important to kick-start it properly when you wake up in the morning. So drink one or two glasses of hot water. Ayurveda advises you to mix lemon juice and honey in this water. You will feel light and refreshed after drinking two glasses of water in the morning.
  2. Exercise
    Stretch, go for a walk, do some yogasana or light exercise for at least 20 minutes in the morning. If you can't do all this, then you must do some kind of high intensity exercise knowing the gym. This will not only boost your metabolism in the morning, but it will also help you start your day by increasing endorphins.
  3. It is important to get sun exposure
    Vitamin D is essential for the body. It promotes cognitive function and regulates mood. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, so be sure to spend a few hours in the morning sun to make up for the lack of vitamin D.
  4. Take a cold bath
    Taking a bath with absolutely cold water can sometimes not be soothing, but many studies have shown that it can activate the frozen adipose tissue in the body, which in turn helps to burn white fatty tissue. Taking a cold shower in the morning can help you burn body fat and increase your metabolism.
  5. Have the right breakfast
    Eat protein and fiber rich foods like eggs, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds for breakfast. It is also advisable to consume healthy carbohydrates like oats, multigrain bread, muesli etc. Make breakfast heavy and eat light food throughout the day, as your body will continue to burn calories throughout the day.
  6. Pack the right food
    When you are on a weight loss journey, eating out will not be considered right, so prepare good and healthy food at home and include nutrients in it. Eat salads, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits etc. for snacking.
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