Meal plan to gain weight for skinny guys in just 3 weeks

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Welcome to our new important topic of meal plan to gain weight for skinny guys. There are lots of question I heard that how to gain weight in a week? what to eat to gain weight fast? What supplements or weight gainer can be used? Have you question like this? Be cool here the answer. Keep your mind on.

Basically weight gain depends upon the caloric game, Simple logic is when you on a caloric deficit, you lose a weight but if caloric surplus, you will definitely gain some weights. This formula every each person know who loves to workout. Am not going deeper into this topic because I don’t want to confuse you at this time to calculate the calorie of every meal. Let’s take a quick look about who needs to gain weight.

Who are skinny guys?
Here we discuss the various type of skinny guys Because Condition is not the same for every skinny people. Here am recommending to choose your skinny type category, Here main 3 type of skinny guys who need to weight gain.

High-fat good muscle mass
low-fat good muscle mass
low-fat low muscle mass
This 3 types of skinny people are in underweight basically (high-fat good muscle may be not )

Why they?
They have a bad unhealthy diet, lots of simple carbs and sugar intake, cold drink, and junk food, low amount of protein, low testosterone level, bad lifestyle, No any workout.

Let, know in deeply about the skinny people........Read more on guy.jpg