Weight Management

Weight Management
For a healthy body, it is important that all its organs remain correct and balanced. The same is true with body weight. If your height is low and weight is too much, it will be called obese weight. If your height is high and your weight is low, you will be called underweight. Therefore, it is important that you balance your weight according to your height. But it has often been observed that due to poor lifestyle, people's weight is not balanced and they become obese. Obesity is caused by many reasons. Such as:

Obesity is usually caused by eating too much and doing too little physical activity (lack of physical activity and obesity).
Eating too much sugar also increases obesity (sugar make you fat)
Eating a high fat diet
Sitting increases belly fat

Causes of weight gain

Weight gain is not only due to lifestyle and eating habits but also due to many diseases, which make you gain weight easily. Such as

We start gaining weight due to thyroid and weight loss. Metabolism is weakened due to thyroid. Due to which body weight starts increasing.
Diabetes also causes people to gain weight
Increased stress also causes people to gain weight
Weight gain is also caused by emotional eating cause’s obesity.
Women gain weight due to PCOD or PCOS (PCOS weight gain).
Poor metabolism also causes people to gain weight

Ways to lose weight
Eat Whole Grains
Eat Unsaturated Fats and Essential Fatty Acids for basic body function.
Drink plenty of water and lose weight Fibre for weight loss
Burn Your Sugars
Exercise For Weight Loss
Increase the amount of protein in food and lose weight Avoid packed or soda beverages
Avoid overeating.
Control mood swings. This will save you from emotional eating.
Control diabetes and follow the right diet to increase the release of insulin in the body.
Control the symptoms of PCOD and follow the right diet and exercise for weight loss.
In addition to all these, follow an active lifestyle to keep the weight balanced and do not work by sitting for too long.
Apart from all these, the most important thing is that you pay special attention to food and exercise to manage weight.

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