The WEKU Referral Program - Invite your friends and family to join WEKU

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Dear Community,

We would like to invite you to join and participate in our official WEKU Friends & Family referral promotion. For every user that joins WEKU from your invitation and creates an introduction post- including in their post who invited them (your WEKU account name) Please use #introduceyourself at the introduction post.

Your Reward

  • You will get 50 WEKU referral bonus for each invitation.
  • When the new user becomes active on the platform they will get an additional 100 WEKU welcome bonus.

Every new account will also receive a 200 WEKU delegation.

Here’s How To Get The Referral Bonus

1 ) The new user must join the WEKU Promoter Discord and link their introduction post to the introduction-post channel.

2 ) The Promoter (you) must drop your invitee’s post at my-referral channel.

3 ) The admin will then add the information to the document link and at the end of every month we will transfer your bonus to your WeKu wallet.

WEKU reserves the right not to reward fake referrals. It’s up to all of us to make sure the promotion stays in the spirit that it is intended, rewarding good users.

Here are a few reasons why your friends and family should join WEKU:

1 ) Weku has free registration and you will have your account within 10 min

2 )We offer users a 200WP delegation

3 )WeKu is tradable on Bitshares exchange

4 ) WeKu has a direct gateway to Steem

5 ) We have many curation projects that support users

It’s up to all of us to help WEKU grow into a platform for everyone and when it does we will all benefit.

Register Now!

Thank you for your support,

The WEKU Official Team



All are invited to join the Weku platform.
The future is in our hands, lets build it to be the best!!

@everyone please resteem this post

very usefull post. I think its grow up soon.

Desde mi proyecto curación spanish en weku, que se encarga de recompensar el buen contenido hispano, invitamos a todos a iniciar sus pasos en


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Good discussion for the community, hoping more and more new users from family members and close friends, come and be active in Weku to provide other interesting articles and posts on the Weku platform ... Well received. I saw that the 50 bonus weku and an additional 200 wp delegation would be very pleasant for newcomers.

Regards @helmibireuen

this is amazing very good thank you

Good idea.

Weku can be the blockchain social network we need.

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I was very interested, until I saw that you demand I get on Discord. I refuse to use Discord - who sell the chats, with our personal info, to marketing companies.

You do not believe me? Try changing your IP and re-enter Discord and they'll demand your full name and email (I'm not certain, as it happened some time ago, but I think they wanted cell number also)... all very useful only if they are selling info about us.

I like the lack of bots and though you do not mention it, I presume you do not allow Flagging by all posters?

As for upvoting - Steemit has the terrible system of cancelling upvotes if they are made in less than 15 minutes. When I make a post, I then get a feed of new posts...but, since I am not willing to wait around for 15 minutes, it means I am upvoting less and less new posters. Do you have the same rule?

Weku does NOT cancel upvotes. You can upvote a post or comment immediately, if you wish.

Thanks. Now the only problem is the mandatory use of Discord. If that becomes an option, then I will be interested - however, I have recommended Weku to others, so I hope at least some of them check it out.

With the HF21, Steemit is planning on changing the curator rewards so that they share 50/50 with the author. No curators complained (that I know of) but many authors are upset.

If it becomes the rule, I will continue posting, but I will choose to Decline Payout....and good luck to the greedy curators then. Still, this is a good moment for Weku to attract new members.

We are weku

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