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Hi there!
My name is Mutawakil but you can address me as Wak for short.
I am 22years of age and about 6ft 9inch of height. From Ghana, Northern Region to be precised.
I discovered the existence of Steemit this February, got registered on the 3rd and was approved on the 5th of February 2018. I humbly dedicate this adventure and encounter to my beloved Uncle @ehmkannde for introducing me to this opportunity destined for greatness. I am currently pursuing my first diploma course in Community Development in the University for Development Studies, Wa campus.
In addition to my education, I have a year and a half experience in modelling with Versatile Agency.
This is basically all about me and i must add that it is a privilege to be a steemain and although others are far gone, i believe there is a first time for everythingIMG-20170520-WA0003.jpg and one cant hide from destiny.


U very much welcomed to the steemit community. If Mohammed is ur father, then I guess u are my son as well. Feel free here, and ask anything u wish to know. Have a nice time.

That is very true Dad
Thanks for the recognition

Welcome here son, we wish you the very best this platform has to offer. Do well to read more post to learn fast about how this platform works and do give more attention. Bravo

Thanks so much Sir
Allah bless u

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