Our Newest Welcome Wagon Member!

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It's been a while, since Welcome Wagon has introduced you to a new trainee We spent some time, doing some soul searching, some retooling and some scouring of the steemiverse. We think this new trainee is someone you'll love!

We know we do! I highly recommend that you take the time to meet @seadbeady. She is our latest trainee, and she's a wonder! A Blogger, influencer, she's active and really enjoys her time online. She's relatively new to Steemit and the blockchain, but not new to being online. 😎


We have all kinds in the Wagon:
Young, old, noisy, and quiet, busy and relaxed. Intense, and calm.
As you read through her posts, you'll find she's a perfect fit for us, and we hope, we'll be a help to her, too.

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We are always searching for new steemians who could use a little extra help and training in learning about the Steem platform, Steemit, Steampeak, Steemworld, Steemconnect, Steemitboard, and more! If you think you know someone or would like some personal training, let us know.

@bluefinstudios and @shadowspub

for The Welcome Wagon!

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This gif created by the artistic @liberty-minded


Good things!
Onward and upward, @welcomewagon!

hello @seadbeady welcome welcome!

and thank you @bluefinstudios and @shadowspub for welcoming people with such genuine open arms... it is refreshing in a world.. well, in this world..

Congratulations @welcomewagon! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 1 year!

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