We love Training! Meet our newest member!

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The first thing

our members learn upon entering the Wagon for the first time, is the secret shake.


we laugh. a lot.

Followed by...

More laughter.

(but look. He has a book too! See? Learning is happening. We promise!)

We look for JUST the right person when we select someone for Welcome Wagon. We look for very specific things (we can't tell you this... of course, we want everyone to be genuinely THEM. Not just fulfilling a list of things that we want. We really don't like lip service... just wastes a lot of precious time!) But, when our nest gets bigger with one more egg, the SteemPeers and I get REALLY EXCITED. It's kinda what we do. And I have to admit , when we find that motivated, hungry newbie...we're pretty good at feeding them all the fun tools they need here for the best Steemit success!

Without further ado

Please give a warm Welcome Wagon welcome to:

Click on his picture to be whisked away to his Intro Post!

We hope you have as much fun as we have, harassing and pestering this poor Steemian into our loving care! hehe Having a blast with you, @darrenfj! Looking forward to getting to know you better this week!

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Wagon Wheels and Welcome Wagon logo designed by the amazing @penderis

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the welcome was warm.. seems like it's gonna be a whirlwind week...

thank you everyone for being so adorable.

Welcome to the party little brother!

Hello there sir @darrenfj!!!

Welcome abourd the WW House and Family! 🤗🤗🤗..

I am more than pleased to have you as my new brother. I hope to get to know you even better.

See yah at the WW nest! 😍

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we knew he wanted to click the link .. welcome @darrenjf


Welcome @darrenfj (2nd edit, had it right the first time lol)

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You are soo Welcome to the welcome wagon family @darrenfj 😉👍 looking forward to get to know you better...happy Monday!

Welcome welcome @darrenfj !!!!

@dreemsteem ... lololol "weinerschintzel" ... What is that???? Wienerschnitzel? Hahaha

Hahahahahahhahaa oops! I was writing fast! Lol of course the German noticed 😂

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You're known for making words up... ;-)

Yay Darren- welcome home. Looking forward to lots of fun and games this week! Evie xxx

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Nice to have you here!