Re-frame Life Purpose to Access the Power of Now

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“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Malcolm Thurman

Me doing ecstatic dance, Lago Atitlán, Guatemala

Happy Day Steemians,

I wanted to share Thurman’s quote with you all, as it has stuck with me along my journey and reminded me of my inherent value and gifts.

I am beginning to believe that our world works in intelligent patterns that remain mysterious to the western mind. Which is to say, our world does not necessarily work as linearly or directly as we commonly assume. Perhaps 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 and perhaps our answers for “bettering” the world are more simple then what we make them out to be.

Thurman’s quote makes me question the motivations of my actions— to identify decisions ruled by ego, guilt, and “shoulds.” And next, to realign with what feels most natural, resonant, and inspiring. Ultimately, our impact is not made by what we do, but rather how we do it.

Perhaps, the world doesn’t need my charity, but instead my dance, art, and honest words. And perhaps, the kind grocer who helped load your groceries into the car brings more net positivity to our world than the successful CEO who never makes time for their child.

My examples may be overgeneralized judgements, but what I mean to say is that our work in the world is always right at our feet; our work begins inside of us.

So let's spare ourselves the anxiety of trying to solve the impossible question of life purpose. Instead of asking ourselves what to do in the world, let's begin by asking how we want to be.

From this centered place, we restore power to ourselves in the present moment, where actualization begins and occurs.

For all of you Steemers out there, I am curious to know what lights you up.

What activities make you feel most alive, connected, creative, inspired, and free? And, how often do you do them?

With Zeal and Gratitude,



Inspires me to cook. When I cook, I imagine my whole family will gather at the table together to eat, to talk, to share how our days went)

You are the world. the whole evolution, the whole universe is in you
discover yourself, start making yourself happy...
don t have an opinion - be an example!
i like your desicions - the world is alive and conscious, like you. Like humans. to let go makes me feel most alive ;)
hugs and peace, sister

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