WeMark - Changing the rules in photo industry

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  Among the entire media sales industry, photographers suffer most. On average, photographers receive only 10-15% of the total cost of work. This is due to systematic copyright violations, high commissions of companies involved in the sale of photos, and the rights of the photo bank to dispose of the work as he pleases.   

  The WeMark project was created to solve these problems. Using a decentralized application will remove intermediaries between photographers and customers, thereby reducing the commission and leaving the rights of the photos to the author. The photographer has the right to specify the cost of his work, the platform takes only a Commission of 15%, which is much less than the standard rates.  The introduction of smart contracts will allow users to get paid for their work quickly and reliably. Blockchain provides transparency of all actions within the system and allows you to check the status of your work at any time. Thus, the photographer will know exactly who and how used his materials.  

  Referral program integrated into the platform will allow you to receive a reward for attracting new participants. This will help to create a healthy ecosystem within the platform and constantly replenish it with new participants. The ability to communicate and learn will be an attractive bonus for both novice photographers and professionals. Experienced photographers will have the opportunity to create their own schools and develop their own projects.   

The developers have created their own token WMK type ERC-20, on the Ethereum blockchain. ICO starts at the end of July, tokens will be sold at the price of 1 WMK = 0.2 USD. The planned hardcap is $ 8 million. A total of 135 million tokens will be issued, 38% of them will be sold during the ICO, 37.5% will remain to promote the project and encourage participants, 11% for the team, 12% for advisors, 1.5% will be left for the bounty campaign. 

  The development team is represented by experienced and talented programmers who worked in companies with a worldwide reputation, such as Visa, Intel, SAP Wix and others. The team's advisors are selected in such a way that they cover all industries and have experience in each of the areas. It is the team that makes this project the most attractive.   

Despite the presence of the project competitors, It is WeMark that stands out among the competitors. Low fees and high security attract photographers from all over the world. In July, more than a million photos were uploaded to the platform, despite the fact that it exists only for six months. The project is supported by a qualified and purposeful team, each participant of which deserves special attention. You can read more about the command in the profiles on LinkedIn and in White Paper. This project is sure to attract the attention of investors, because the original solutions and quality product are signs of profitable investment.   


Amazing capture indeed

Glad that you enjoyed this one @geyzee

Yeah I did😀👍

I will be looking forward to participate in WeMark tokensale, as this project is looking very promising to me.

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Did my own research, especially the team, they really have an awesome members with truly great experience in different areas. I think this might be my next big investment.

Own research is always a good idea @aroma92 👍Glad that you find WeMark a great project to invest in.

38% of tokens allocated for ICO is a good sign, so that people can’t drop the price very low, which is a common problem for majority of ICO’s who distribute more than 50% of tokens on crowdsale.

It’s really awesome that WeMark excludes 3rd parties from photo industry, so that photo owners will get more revenue for their work.

Our work for you and your post has commenced.

Great platform, i’m really interested in such opportunity to be paid more for the photos i take! Thanks for the review @mak2017

All the valuable information in such short post! Well done @mak2017, i find this project very interesting, will check the team & white paper, and most likely will be waiting for ICO.

I like the fact that this project really solves problem of centralized photo stock business, definitely one of the promising ICO’s in 2018, worth following them.

No doubt this project will be an awesome place not only for professional photographers, but also for regular people like us who sometimes take very awesome shots, but don’t get paid even a cent for them, will be looking forward for this platform development.

Great project indeed! Luckily i had a chance to participate in public sale, it was only 500$ of investment but i believe in long term WeMark will be able to give great return on my investment.

Is there any information how much funds have been raised? So far i was able to find only that WeMark closed softcap of 3250 ETH long time ago.