WeMark - Ending the monopoly of photo stocks companies

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  The creators of the media content, in particular photographers — are now under strong pressure from large photo stocks. Large companies have the opportunity to form a pricing policy. Now the business is arranged so that more than half of the transaction amount is received by the photo stocks, photographers sometimes receive only 20% of the cost of the work. Moreover, due to the peculiarities of the existing platforms, the contractor does not have a direct connection with the client, which greatly complicates the work of all elements of the system. The rights to all works remain with the intermediary company, so the author receives only a fee, but does not have any legal protection.  

  Project features  

  The WeMark project is created taking into account all possible nuances that exist in the industry at the moment. WeMark will have the following advantages:   

  • The ability to monetize your own creativity, not only for photographers, but also novice bloggers — which have access to the platform, giving the opportunity to profit from their works. 
  • Impossibility of monopolization of the market. The platform is based on blockchain technology and can only exist in a distributed, decentralized form. 
  • Flexible pricing policy. Each user, creator or customer has the ability to set prices on their own, rather than focus on the policy that sets the centralized application. The platform will receive 15% of the commission, for comparison - many photo stocks take up to 80%. 
  • Direct communication with the customer. The contractor has the ability to perform direct communication with the customer. This will allow, among other things, to establish more accurate terms of the transaction and to formulate the technical specification more clearly.  

WMK Token

  To implement such a large-scale project, which has quite large centralized competitors, the developers have created a special token WMK. It will be used to carry out all financial transactions within the system. The ERC20 type token on the Ethereum blockchain is great for this task. In addition to payment for the work done, tokens will be used to reward users who promote the platform and the content collected on it on the Internet. WMK can be used to license your own brand, it can be done by both content producers and customers.  

  A total of 135 million coins will be issued, which can be purchased during the ICO, the cost of 1 WMK = $0.2. The sale of tokens will last until August 8, however the public part of the ICO is already completed, the remaining tokens are sold to users from whitelist. At the moment, there is already a fully functioning test platform, where everyone can check the quality of work and evaluate the opportunities provided by the project.  

  Who might be interested?  

  The platform will become a universal tool for all who earn on the media content creation industry. At the same time, it will be more convenient for customers to work directly with the contractor, while not having to pay crazy commissions, which are now taken on popular photo stocks.  

  WeMark Team   

Fortunately, a strong team is working on the project, which has more than one year of experience in the development and promotion of applications. Michael lesser, who has worked with ShutterStock, is even among the advisors and has a broad understanding of the business structure and legal aspects of the industry.  


The WeMark project received very high marks from experts, a good number of articles were written about it by leading news agencies. All because the authors are developing a universal platform that will make a real revolution in the sale of media content. The current state of Affairs does not suit either sellers or buyers, because too much money remains in the hands of intermediaries, which makes the entire industry extremely inefficient. An important point is the existence of a ready and working client, even in the beta version. Users already see progress and this attracts additional investors to the project.  


Web Page:  https://www.wemark.com/  
WhitePaper:  https://www.wemark.com/whitepaper.pdf  
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/_wemark  
Telegram:  https://t.me/wemark  
BTT Bounty:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3293253.0  
BTT ANN:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3347524.0  
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1143460


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