Fancy Pansy

Fancy Pansy - Nice Bright Yellow are Color to Be.
They attract Butterflies.
Butterfly butterfly where are you?
Maybe someday I will get you.

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Bunga Kuning yang Indah, Bunga melambangkan keindahan sehingga dimanapun terdapat tanaman yang disebut bunga🌺🌻🌹🌷 akan membuat tempat itu kelihatan lebih indah.
Salam Keindahan dari Aceh Indonesia.

wow bright yellow and very beautiful, looks like I heard the sound of this flower call..🐝🐝🦋🦋

Hello @muhammadan The sound of the wind that blow and the sunshine that shine upon.
It will make the flowers looks more nicer.
This is call Pansy also known as Violet sometimes.

So this is Fancy Pansy Dancy.
Beautiful bright yellow violet. This is one flowers with many colours.
I have seen they are little tiny flowers. Beautiful of course.

Yes, It's also known as Violet and you are right about being many colors.
Thank you for the compliment. really don't have much time over here if next time I do not reply.
Good to see you back and active.

The flowers are so beautiful, You have beautiful garden.
Many Bee & Butterflies in garden garden. They like it there.

Thank you. That's very nice compliment.
In actual fact , Bee & Butterflies in garden can be fun esp taking photos of them.
Our children also love looking at them.

you are welcome and thank you.
I am new here just trying to figure out what need to do.
In case I did something wrong and read as much as I can.
Some Guideline would be good.

Im not sure why my pics arent uploading

Good Luck with your Cyberblock not going to work in this end of the neighborhood. Better Luck next time.

You're a real thinker

At first I taught it was fake flowers. I was wrong.
This photos are so clear and that bright yellow really good.
I really like it; ReBlog so I can put in my folio.

Pak tanam bunga ni? Keindahan bunga ni tertarik hatiku.
Warna bunga ni sunguh kuning. Kekuningan yang istemewah.
Baikla pos ni saya reblog,

Ya, Dihalaman kebun Saya. Terima Kasih mengenjung pos saya.
Cantikan , serupa pos kamu. Bisa ikut cara bagaimana pos.
Keren posmu juga , tulisan banyak ya!

yellow flowers with brown stamens, really beautiful color combination

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Beautiful yellow flowers👍🤝🤔

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bunga yang sangat cerah. dan sangat terlihat indah. semoga hari-hari kita semua terlihat cerah dan indah seperti bunga yang anda tampilkan.

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Good morning @bullionstackers #whalepower, by the way your flowers are very beautiful. Am Ago Daniel a new steemian, and am excited about your unfathomable support to us in this community. Please can check some of my original posts and give me any advice about how i can become a go steemian like you on: