Snow White Geranium

Snow White Geranium

Snow White Geranium, nothing as pure as white.
While having True Pink , Light Pink ; this one is Purely White another show case in my collection of Geranium flowers.

Having so many colors in the garden does actually bring in the Bees.
The bees are actually truly amazing , they actually pollinating those flowers and creating balance ecosystem.
My other plants does benefit from pollination.

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Thank you
Gardening is my past time hobbies, where one can relaxing the most beside enjoying the show case.
Even the Bees benefiting from it.

It's a great hobby to have. Also I can see how proud you are of gardening

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Hoping to have flowers like that in my collection;))

Hello sir @bullionstackers, nice to meet you. Today you display snow white geraniums. I agree with you that nothing is as pure as white. and the flower image that you are displaying is also very good to describe.

make the heart like a white flower. do not try to pollute the color. because he will look bad. also with the heart. do not dirty your heart with the things of evil. but sprinkle hearts with good things. like sharing, helping each other, and loving each other. this is just my description of the picture of the flower you are displaying. have a nice day, sir, bullionstackers.

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flower with white, very beautiful

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Beautiful flower.I like geranium flower because this flower can repel mosquitoes.


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