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Welcome dolphinpo! What a nice surprise! : )

Wow! Thank you @dolphinpo! Hope to learn more about you soon. : )

Interesting and also curious about what you will do next week, good luck.

You're welcome @dolphinpo

Okay .. I'll waiting for, i'm so curious what will happen😊

Sukses selalu untukmu, kawan!

you made me very curious... but I suppose that's why you posted :-)

whalepower tag better project for new steemit user with quality posting have..

saya bukan penulis yang baik tapi whalepower team sudah banyak membantu saya selama ini

thanks for my good friend so far i made a post about #whalepower what is in allowed it teman.penjelasan is very clear to followers whalepower thanks my good friend

I am curious as a cat! : )

It really wonderful sir @bullionstackers. I will waiting for...

Terimakasih atas informasi dan dukungan yang sangat baik, juga merasa nyaman dengan team whalepower. semoga selalu berjaya

Terimakasih telah berbagi,dan informasi-informasi penting selama ini,sukses selalu saudaraku,@bullionstackers

Saya sangat senang apabila bisa bergabung dengan komunitas #whalepower dan terima kasih buat @bullionstackers atas informasinya.

thanks my dear friend @bullionstackers for his information, I am very happy to hear it and surely I will follow community #whalepower

Postingan yang sangat menarik,terima kasih @bullionstackers saya sangat mendukung anda

Mungkin saya kejutan nya @bullionstackers

I love and like that your new or old in @bullionstackers.

thank you dear friend I am very happy to hear it's this information, and I will follow community #whalepower always thanks @bullionstackers

Thank you for the advice

Saya sangat menyukai komunitas #whalepower dan saya sangat mendukung @bullionstackers postingannya yang selalu bermanfaat bagi kita semua.

Hormat dari saya mr @bullionstackers. Sukses selalu untuk tim #whalepower.

Thank you for sharing that
Good effort ✋🏻

I did use #whalepower. it was very complete

Postingan yang sangat bagus @bullionstackers saya mendukung penuh komonitas anda

thank you dear friend I am very happy to hear it's this information, and I will follow community #whalepower always thanks

Thanks for the excellent information and support, also feel comfortable with the @bullionstackers team. may always be successful and always accompanying him

Apakah cukup sekali minta atau harus minta izin untuk disetiap posting?

I live and like that your new or old in @bullionstackers.

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