I am a Lost Wanderer - Donated 2K Steems

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I am a Lost Wanderer

Life is a Journey in #steemit , Like A Lost Wanderer without Support.
You keep walking alone in the desert , not to be heard.
But someone has heard my cries and sense my thoughts.
He came to my rescue as an Angel. This person is @bullionstackers .

Everyone is so tiny when they first started here in #steemit , unless you have the Power.
Since I knew @bullionstackers , even though I knew him before his #whalepower Project .
He is a fine Author that possesses The Confidence without a doubt now that I have gained his Trust and Confidence.
I believe in him as he has supported my posting many times .
Wish him Every Success in his #whalepower Project.
You are an Awesome and Amazing Author.

Today, I contributed ( previously 10 steems ) further 2000 steems toward his project as I trust him very much.
The quote he wrote greatly impressed me.

These are "The Power of One for All and All for one" which is you and others supporting each others. The greater the number, one can be as Powerful as a Whale. This is where, I derive the name from.

From his Quick Guidelines

Thanks Everyone for Your Support.

Please Follow Me - Resteem - Upvote
Paul-Gillbanks @paul-gillbanks


Holy Moly,
We Need to Resteem this.
Go #whalepower
I am now Following #whalepower tag all the way. It have potential here.

You are wonderful followers @solidgold


Thanks again @neoxian for your support, really appreciated

wonderful. I am a wanderer as well here on my steem journey ;)


Thanks you @paul-gillbanks for your Contribution for my #whalepower campaign.

Resteemed. Now, give me 1K of steem ah haha.

This is the 2 K steem power , he gave

Jesus crist...i can't believe that. My friend, you are amazing ​whenI​i saw the transaction my heart has stopped for a moment. yeah @bullionstackers is a good guy. I hope we together​ can be more powerful

He is so amazing. I don't mind. for the better of the community

Amazing contents need to be Resteem

Thanks @helios

I will resteem this

Thank you mate
Is wonderful to know you

I am with you guys........whalepower all the way!
following right now

Hey antv ,
Can you put it in your News channel? Resteem if you can.
Go #whalepower


I couldn't agree more, @bullionstackers has helped me on here more than anyone else, what a legend. Go #whalepower

Thanks @silverbug

Up-voted :)

Thanks for the support

The dessert is a great place to think... As we fremen know only too well

the desert can be a wonderful place

Congrats for this donation. I just found out about this amazing tag.

So nice to see people helping each other! Really thanks my fellows steemians.

This it will be my first resteem in one month! Nice paul.

He is so generous, and left all the power for my decision
Upvote Resteem #whalepower


Hey Buddy

I'm still new and figuring this out but go #whalepower !

That was loud

Hi, in the spirit of the #whalepower venture, I have upvoted your post. If you would like to do the same for mine: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@hgmsilvergold/us-dollar-weakness-is-driving-higher-bitcoin-and-ethereum-prices

You have a large heart, man. God bless you

For the better of the community

Amazing contribution, thank you!

Hello @paul-gillbanks, I am @ijoel. I am amazed at your @paul-gillbanks. you are like an Angel helper for @bullionstackers. you've helped him, you also pertolong also got a right even when we help people sincere without expecting anything, then there will be more people who help us.
These days, even though I was a little girl in # steemit and has no power. but I still bersamangat live the struggle in life. Although I was yesterday suffered the misfortune of Transfer 20,069 SBD to poloniex, to this day have not signed in to my poloniex account.
I am committed to keep semanagat and want to be a good writer and endeared him to everyone. that's my ideals of childhood. write anything useful, entertaining and become the new insights and knowledge.

You are the best

What a touching post. And you are an angel @paul-gillbanks! Special thanks to you and @bullionstakers for your time and financial support to help all of the newbies like myself. It is greatly appreciated. I can see #whalepower being a huge success!

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Good Job On This, Can feel your heart in this post and i love the pics!

Following already, upvoted, and re-steemed!


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