Word of the day - Shanghai

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Meaning: to take a person by force or trickery and compel that person to do something. Also a major city in China.
Usage: I got shanghaied!

Comments and feedback most welcome.



Shanghai caught my Attention
Just been there on my vacation

Shanghai is one of the busiest city in China

Are you from SHANGHAI?

I hase been there too...but a few years back. Màybe there are many changes with things moving so fast.

Some Squeeze word you have there WOTD

Yes, a squeeze word.

Some PRESSURE must be applied to SQUEEZE / EXTRACT the JUICE out.

Lol, I finally get some JUICE out from this word.
Thank you @ppagoda

Have heard of it and thought of it is similar to being kidnapped someone when they are being shanghaied away.
Of course there is a show with the name "Shanghai Noon" starring Jackie Chan...love his shows...have you seen it???

Yes, Shanghai Noon, of course.
Have you been to Huangpu River where one can see the Oriental Pearl TV Tower?
Oh! Don't forget The Nanjing River nite-life

Thanks for the meaning of Shanghai. Did not know there is a different meaning to it. Learned a new thing today... thank you for that

I guess you are Shanghai me now.
Just kidding!

I appreciate your efforts for teaching us ( students) thank you, keep it up

good you are learning

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