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RE: 📢 Whaleshares PRE-LAUNCH Account/Claim Announcement

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500 whaleshares is too much to create an account IMO. There should be another way to prevent sock-puppets from jumping into the platform, not setting a very high amount of whaleshare.

It still wouldn't stop them if they have the cash to spill out, would it?

Some of us had been waiting for long. I registered during the testnet months back. We've endured and waited. Finally, we are glad the wait is over and now we have to another month just because we don't have up to 250 whaleshares?

It's just not fair.


The official launch is September 1st, that has not changed. So you are not waiting any longer than you were before. There is just an early access period made available.

The testnet only needed a certain number of people to test it, It was not an open beta. The rewards are not real, and all get reset to $0. You didn't miss anything.

Plus, what's not fair about a free sharedrop?

I never said anything about sharedrop. We (I) appreciate that. I was interested in the pre-launch. I never knew we would need much whaleshares to have an early access.

But, it's all good. I will find a way to get the 500/250 whaleshares or we meet at the main launch. ✌

What the post says is interesting:

Once again, thank you to everyone in our extended Whaleshares and Bitshares family. Your continued support and belief in the Whaleshares project and in each other in the community keeps us going. WE ARE THANKFUL FOR EVERY UPVOTE, RESTEEM, SHARE, TWEET, MEME, AND POST YOU SUPPORT US WITH - ESPECIALLY DURING THESE EXCITING TIMES LEADING UP TO OUR OFFICIAL LAUNCH.

Many of those who gave that support, want to be since August 15, but don’t have 500 whaleshares. This is to be decentralized? At least the list of the first 250 whaleshares holder would have been considered. But it is done, the decision is made.

To be fair, we have been running a LOT of contests and initiatives, as well as lottos in discord, since the platform was announced to give everyone a chance to earn Whaleshare tokens. We also stressed over and over for people to hold them, but many used or sold them off for quick profit.

But, it's fine in the long run. Everyone can come in easy on Sept 1st.

As I wrote in my previous comment, many of us gave support to the platform in the contest, token4tweet, we participated in the lotteries but not even close to collecting 100 whaleshares. It is also necessary to understand that many of us living in discord supporting the project live in countries where buying a whaleshares represents the cost of food for two days, when in other places it doesn't even represent half an hour of work, although many of us managed to buy some whales With a LOT of sacrifice and keep them, even with the temptation to sell them to improve the situation of our families when prices were rising, now do you understand the feeling? Believe me that many others share it but don´t dare to share it, well like u say the mortals have to wait until Sept. Thanks for answering.

everyone was able to buy or earn for all the time... it was really announced more than often enough to the community.. there is definitely more decentralization than elsewhere

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