Whaleshares live tutorial + 22 whaleshares for attending! Check our calendar to sign up

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The whaleshares live tutorial will be starting soon!

Sorry for the sudden cancellation yesterday everyone. I'll be making up for it now!
I'll organize another tutorial for the evening sometime soon in case anyone isn't able to make it.

We are welcoming everyone to join us for a live whaleshares Q&A and how to.
In order to attend, you must sign up using our calendar!

Then join us in the whaleshares discord server and add me as a friend.
My name will be at the top of the user list on the right in the whalesares server.

There is a limit of 9 attendants.
There are a few spots open for today's session so hurry and sign up!

New members will receive 22 whaleshares to try it out.
Two will be sold during demonstration to cover your transaction fees.
The remaining 20 are currently worth a .53 vote!

What you will need:

*A steemit account with a recent post to try it on

*A free discord account

*You must be on a PC. Screen sharing does not work on mobile.

*A free bitshares/openledger account

Optional: Feel free to ask questions in voice or text chat!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask in comments or general chat.
If you don't know what whaleshares are, now is an excellent time to find out!

Check out our calendar and sign up for a live tutorial.

Whaleshares are brought to you by @officialfuzzy

As Always,

Thanks for stopping by
Good Luck and Enjoy!


Hey steemit friends.
If you dont know whaleshares yet its time for you to join one of akrids tutorials to learn more about it.

Thanks @jjb777
You're an awesome member of the community!

will it be a discussion type or it will be typing as a medium of communication

I use screen sharing. You may speak on voice or use text if you prefer to ask any questions you have.

ok,i don't have any whalesshare but I have a bitshare account

I provide the whaleshares during the tutorial. Feel free to sign up for this coming week!

I highly recommend anyone new to whaleshares take this tutorial. It helped me out big time when I joined.

Thanks @bushkill.
You're awesome- keep it up!

I will love to join too. So that I can be one of the holder of this whaleshare too

Nice one good luck we are with you!!! @akrid