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RE: Whaleshares Info--BeyondBits, Beyond Bitcoin Radio & More!

in #whaleshares5 years ago

It is so difficult to learn and track and see all the new stuff going on but with some of the BTS people named in this post and others by our friend @patelincho here --- I really want BTS and the people here also to succeed.

I do not have any of the other tokens here, trying to learn..... and not much BTS but I honestly believe in the PEOPLE here and the projects.

I know I am quiet on the matters and do not say much.....

I cannot get off my blog as much anymore, I am sorry my friend. I have just started saying that to people this last week, which I hate to do.

Btw that and other life stuff, I am kinda failing most days it feels LOL but I am doing my best.

The car running me over thing has really really damaged my life and I am doing my very best!!

Have a good week everyone.


That would certainly slow anyone down... Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you!

It means a lot to me. I am doing my very best.

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