🎉🎉WhaleShares Community Hits 5000 members!! - New Help Website - Whaleshares.info 🎉🎉

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Congratulations to the WhaleShare Community

What a great milestone the WhaleShares community just hit, 5000 members!! This great community has given so much help and inspiration to new minnows trying to make a go at Steemit. I for one found the community so supportive and encouraging. I have been helping out in the Discord channel getting new users set-up with BitShares accounts and showing them how to use WhaleShares to bump their posts with a little upvote. This can be very time consuming and it seems confusing to new folks who are already overwhelmed by Steemit and how different it is to anything they have ever experienced. There is a great group of "ambassadors" that are always there to help new users, but it seems like there has to be a better way. Many screen captures are shared as well as links and typed directions. My first thought was to create a simple how-to post with screen captures and I got half way done with it and realized I was not doing anything that hadn't been done already. The problem with how-to posts is that they time out and can't be updated when changes come along. So then this leads to new "revised" or "updated" versions that also time out eventually and it becomes a viscous cycle. Many outdated how-to's that cause people frustration figuring out which one to follow or worse yet getting issues while following one.

WhaleShares.info help website

So I thought a dedicated website that could be maintained, updated and used as a central place for people to find help might be the answer. So I created a help website, whaleshares.info that provides step by step screen captures to create a BitShares account, sell one WhaleShare for Bitshares to pay future fees, and to send WhaleShares for an upvote. Currently it shows these steps for OpenLedger and RuDex. I am currently working on BitShares DEX as well. It is still a work in progress and will probably always be. However, I have tested it with a few new members and find it reduces the amount of time and frustration for both the new user and the "ambassador". So I think there is enough benefit to let folks know about it and start using it.

Want to Contribute?

This is a community site and I welcome input from anyone who would like to contribute. If you take a look, I have put some place holders for question that I think will be helpful. Feel free to reach out to me on Discord at @bushkill#6791 if you'd like to help answer one of these questions or contribute additional questions and answers.

BitShares Lifetime Members Fear Not

The site has been set up to honor referrals, so you can still refer new users to whaleshares.info using your referral code and regardless of which DEX link they follow to set up an account, your referral code will be used. ie.


Join the WhaleShares Community

Stop by the Discord WhaleShares channel and see what you have been missing.



You have been double fuzzy'd ( courtesy of freedom and me <3 ) Keep being awesome, you are valued...

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This is amazing resteemed and upvoted! What a great thing for people new to the whaleshares community :)

YAAAAY we can all be so proud!!!hard work dude
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Extraordinary news so that more can understand and enjoy the community whaleshares

Awesome man! Let me know if you need anything ;-)

This is an amazing idea and will help tons of people for sure. Thank you for creating this website, what an amazing contribution to the Whaleshares community. Bushy you're getting a Beyondbit upvote from me and @krazykrista.

Upvoted and Resteemed. If I'd have seen this BEFORE the show I would have let you show everyone!

Fantastic! Great to have you as part of our outreach team. Thank you for all that you do to support the Whaleshares Community.

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Great! upvoted o.... Im new to whaleshare and hope to continue to follow