Whaleshares Info--BeyondBits, Beyond Bitcoin Radio & More!

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Hello steemians! Today I am excited to tell you about all kinds of new stuff we have going on! First off, BeyondBits has officially been added to our servers! A limited supply has been released on the Bitshares dex you can trade 1 for 1 with your Whaleshares. However, you might want to hold on to some of those Whaleshares as Fuzzy plans to use BeyondBits to help fund other coins that are starting out and, considering how much he loves sharedrops, it is likely that there will be token drops of other coins on Whaleshares holders. This is one of the things we will be covering tomorrow on the Whaleshares Hangout hosted by @densgirl94 and I on the Beyond Bitcoin Mumble server. Details of joining that are here.

Another development that it is my pleasure to introduce is the Beyond Bitcoin radio station that we are currently putting together. We have many things planned for this including but not limited to airing all the hangouts hosted on the Beyond Bitcoin Mumble server, the new Whaleshares Radio playlist featuring the best musicians Steemit has to offer, and we plan on working with the creators of the Steemit Rap Challenge and new Beatle Beat Battle League, @rondonson and @chiefmappster to bring you live rap battles hosted on our Discord server and aired on our radio station! We also plan on implementing a Steemit Open Mic Night also hosted on our Discord server that will also be aired live on our radio station!

Don't forget, we are also currently doing character creation for our tabletop campaign of The Black Hack, a D&D-style tabletop RPG that. Campaign begins Wednesday night and space is limited so join us in the BlackHack channel of our Discord server to create your character! More details on that here. We are still very busy bringing you more tools and services to make this the best community on the internet and we are just getting started with lots more to come. Be sure to follow me to make sure you get all the latest news and announcements. Til next time, happy steeming!

These tokens are on BitShares! So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your steem posts!

Download Bitshares Wallet

Be sure to join us on the fastest growing steem-related Discord server! Over 900 users in under 4 weeks!



It is so difficult to learn and track and see all the new stuff going on but with some of the BTS people named in this post and others by our friend @patelincho here --- I really want BTS and the people here also to succeed.

I do not have any of the other tokens here, trying to learn..... and not much BTS but I honestly believe in the PEOPLE here and the projects.

I know I am quiet on the matters and do not say much.....

I cannot get off my blog as much anymore, I am sorry my friend. I have just started saying that to people this last week, which I hate to do.

Btw that and other life stuff, I am kinda failing most days it feels LOL but I am doing my best.

The car running me over thing has really really damaged my life and I am doing my very best!!

Have a good week everyone.

That would certainly slow anyone down... Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you!

It means a lot to me. I am doing my very best.

The Discord is grow really fast and i think your numbers are wrong , its more like over 1000 members right now :) Will be very cool listen at this radiso :)

Heck yeah so pumped for the future. It is going to bring so much value to the Steemit community.

Now we have 2 whale to summon, that's cool! And a radio station, what more can we ask for!!!

I am also starting a live rap music channel hopefully we can work together

That would be cool... I'd definitely be into that. You should hit me up on discord.

I love you're posts , it's amazing

amazing reaaly

Exciting news. But still a little bit jumble to me, so I'll keep track of your posts to get a better understanding. Plus the entertainment looks neat.

With so much developing in the whaleshares universe, it's hard to announce so much at once. Check in with @rubenalexander for news on Whaleshares Radio and check my post for a bit of detail on beyondbits.

Alright, will do.


A billion dollars in venture capital has flowed to more than 120 blockchain-related startups, with half that amount invested in the last 12 months.

1)Thirty of the world’s largest banks have joined a consortium to design and build blockchain solutions.

2)Nasdaq is piloting a blockchain-powered private market exchange.
3)Microsoft has launched cloud-based blockchain-as-a-service.
4)Blockchain concepts, prototypes, and investments are emerging in every major industry.

Wow @jphenderson this is really going over my head - how do I get involved in this? But I don't understand it - at all -

I had made a user guide for it a couple weeks ago but it's a little outdated now so I will be making a new one probably later today.

yea that would be cool I have absolutely no idea what this is you guys are doing...:)

As far as the radio show we will be adding it to whaleshares.net and the other websites we are making currently.

Sounds great! When can we expect the radio station to go live?? Much excitement

Hopefully in the next few days.

I like you post it's amazing

my music is all rock and you can hear a few of them on my page - wondering who are steemits top musicians


Commented here also. Have a good week.

Thanks JP - I really appreciate a point in the right direction - looks like a great radio show

Thanks for the information you share with me

Whaleshares available on Bittrex ?? and what do you think about it future?

An artistic image of every posture

I exchanged some whaleshares and beyondbits back and forth. It works. If there are any being handed out...

OL: st44m

Thanks! Keeping an eye on the news! I like that you can tip friends with the tokens!

Very cool! I love being part of the Whaleshares community!

Thanks for the information you share with me

Itu is very good buddy

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