🐳 Whaleshares reached 5000 member's this week!! Tonight we are having a party!!

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Here we are with another whaleshares voice chat giveaway!

The entire Whaleshares community is celebrating reaching 5000 members this week!

I am inviting all of you to come celebrate this with us!

As always I will be giving away WHALESHAREs to everyone who participates, I also have HAIRSHAREs, and I may (and by may I mean I absolutely do) have some BEYONDBitS to give away also!!!

@seveaux is going to dj for us!!!!

Music, Tokens and Great Company, this is a party you don't want to miss!!!!! 💃

Can you guess how many WHALESHAREs will be given out this time?

Make a guess in the comments, guessing how many WHALESHAREs will be given away tonight!!!

The person who is closest will be rewarded 20 WHALESHAREs!

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Everyone is welcome

  • Everybody will have a variety of opportunities!

  • Make sure to get everything set up on Whaleshares Radio ahead of time.

  • The text conversation for the party will take place in whale-party: https://discord.gg/fF5nJz

  • The first five people to arrive will receive 5 each

The PARTY starts now

You must have a openledger/bitshares account name to receive your whaleshares
Please message me on discord with your info if you are selected as a winner.

Please set up push to talk so we can all communicate effectively!
Happy chatting everyone!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask in comments or general chat.
If you don't know what whaleshares are, now is the perfect time to find out!

Whaleshares are brought to you by @officialfuzzy

Much Love,


335 🐳

I'm guessing 512

Wohoo! Growing very fast :) Way to go Whaleshares!


5000 one for each member you reached in this milestone!

that is quite a high guess :)

400 whaleshares

I'm going to guess 4,784

Well who doesn't love parties! I just got in for some cool fun.

Oh!! I forgot, how about 400 whaleshares

Congratulations hopefully the future of this community more advanced.

Hmmmm.i think 497 whaleshares

479 total.... you win 20 whaleshares

Yaaayyy....thanks @krazykrista

Me encanta esta metodología 100% diferentes por eso sus triunfos y crecimiento.
Felicitaciones 💪

I was just off a bit too early! I hoped we all had a good celebration!

500 :D Dream Big!!



223 1/2

such a jokester!

395 whaleshares!

400 !!!!!
Gotta be big tonight!!!



200 shares as whaleshares reached 5000 followers muh543

Congratulations! I'll go with 350!

425....it'll be a good night

I know nothing about your project (my fault! I was just farting around and landed on your post) but i already love your cool attitude .. I'll get more info I guess. The hairshare comes from particularly hairy whales?

Hehe I like your attitude too ;) come on into our discord and I will tell you all about whaleshares <3

Will surely do, thanks for the invite!

500, perhaps?? But it's a wild guess really. I don't even know what whaleshares are :)

500 😊

Congrats Dear for such achievement.

This great funny post i appreciate your contest thanks for sharing ...

5000 whaleshares.

bts jot-max

Hmm, am gonna go ahead and say 310