People I recommend following: @jrswab (part of an ongoing series)

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I'd like to introduce you to @jrswab.

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Note: This post was originally published on Whaleshares

I saw his Whaleshares introduceyourself post and commented because he expressed having interests in a lot of the things that I'm also interested in (technology, decentralization, the Bible). I think it was his Bio line in Whaleshares that really caught my attention:

Blogger of Technology from a Christian Perspective | Linux Enthusiast, Anarcho-Capitalist, Traditional Hacker, Dvorak Typist, and Eagle Scout | Col. 3:17

This guy is into a lot of the same stuff I am or already accomplished what I've only dreamed of (typing with the Dvorak keyboard layout is a hardcore geek accomplishment!).

He also writes from a Christian perspective and doesn't try to hide it, but examines topics honestly from a Christian (or more specifically, Biblical) worldview. I especially appreciate how he searches the Bible to see what it actually says about a topic instead of just assuming a generic "Christian" viewpoint.

He wrote down a plan and is sticking to it!

Close to a month ago now, J.R. wrote a post entitled You Need To Know Why I Stopped Blogging on Steem in which he introduced blogging on his own website and his plan to consistently write. He has kept to that plan of publishing his writing nearly daily. It's been inspiring to see!

He also begins his posts here on Steemit and on Whaleshares, but then invites you to read the rest of the post on his own website. At first, I was a little taken aback by this. But I see what he's doing and I think that it is a great strategy.

Here's a few of his posts that I highly recommend reading:

Building community

I have enjoyed @jrswab's writing and I highly recommend that you follow him. He's been responsive to comments and he replies with thoughtfulness.

-- @matthewdavid

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Whaleshares is like moving to a new neighbourhood and realising that all the amazing, friendly people you meet used to live in your old neighbourhood, but you never crossed paths with them!

I realised it was time I took a step back into the past and rectified this. so here I am.

I am always so impressed by people who take a little time to promote others...We have all met some extremely wonderful people on the blockchain, but in the interests of full disclosure we also know, (secretly or otherwise 😁 ) that many we cross paths with have only the intention of promoting themselves. This is OK, it takes all-sorts to make up a world, right? But it makes it all the more sweet to see posts like this one.

I will be sure to take a closer look at @jrswab I am aware of him but have never really taken the time to engage despite seeing some of his posts on apps etc, that have been incredibly interesting to me personally. I shall remedy this very soon.

Fabulous to (re)meet you here Matthew. 🙂 Kudos to you on introducing us to some great people on the blockchain and having community at heart as ever,

May I take this opportunity to wish you and yours and @jrswab of-course a wonderful festive season and a 2019 that sees you achieve many personal ambitions in the arenas of health, wealth and happiness.

Thank you Steven. Good to bump into you here on Steemit. Stop in over at Whaleshares and say 'hello', too.