📢 Whaleshares Sharedrop and Launch Announcement 🚀

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🚀 The rocket is fueled and ready for launch,

It's been a long road to bring the concept of Whaleshares from an original idea to an active community of people over 6,500 strong, but it has been worth the effort. Now, we are ready to begin the next phase with the launch of the new Whaleshares Blockchain.

👍 I would like to thank...

All of our all-star team members for their hard work and dedication to the Whaleshares community and all the related projects in development. Baabeetaa, ElMato, Vitkolesnik, Walrus, Patelincho, AlexPMorris, Ienrikex, PowerPics, KrazyKrista, Akrid, Anritco, Bushkill, Jepu, Fav, Armin and everyone else who supports this team... your time, energy, input and feedback is appreciated and has helped get us to this point.

🌟 To our AMAZING Community

Thank you for your continued support and belief in the Whaleshares project and in each other, you are the heartbeat that keeps us going. We are thankful for every upvote, resteem, share, tweet, meme, and post you support us with.

and now...


These are the dates leading up to the launch of the Whaleshares Chain.

Sharedrop Snapshot

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Because a “hard date/time” could potentially cause unnecessary market volatility around the BTS, Brownie.pts and WHALESHARE tokens on the DEX, the snapshot will instead take place on a random block at a random time on August 1, 2018. Native WLS tokens will be reserved for Bitshares accounts holding those tokens at that time.

21 Million WLS Initial Supply and Sharedrop Distribution
Satoshi 10 (Development Team) = 2.1 Million
10% Brownie.pts = 2.1 Million
10% Whaleshares = 2.1 Million
70% Bitshares = 14.7 Million

The process for verifying your Bitshares account and claiming your WLS will be announced with the pre-launch (Open BETA). WLS claimed by the sharedrop will be applied to your Whaleshares accounts as WHALESTAKE, vested (powered-up) WLS.

Pre-Launch (Open BETA)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018
We will open the Whaleshares platform up for early access to anyone wanting to create accounts in exchange for WHALESHARE tokens. The process and number of WHALESHARE required to create an account will be announced on August 15th when the pre-launch opens. This means the WHALESHARE tokens you have been holding for the sharedrop can also given or sold to others to create accounts too. During the Open BETA you will be able to use all the functionality of the platform to post, comment, vote, share, and earn WLS rewards. Power Down will not be active at this time.

Full Launch

Saturday, September 1, 2018
The Whaleshares platform will open for normal use and the standard account creation process will be activated. You will no longer need WHALESHARE tokens to create accounts, and anyone is free to sign up using the native whaleshare token. Power Down will not be active at this time.

Power Down Activated

Monday, October 1, 2018
The Power Down function will be activated allowing users to convert vested "WHALESTAKE" into liquid WLS that can be transferred to the Bitshares DEX. At this time EasyDEX and RuDEX have announced that their bridges/gateways will ready at this time to transfer WLS in/out of Whaleshares to the DEX.

Whaleshares Whitepaper

We are putting the final touches on this living document and will have that posted before the August 15th Open BETA.

Whaleshares Terminology

These are a few common terms that will be used on the Whaleshares platform.

WLS is the native token of Whaleshares. This is the token you will be able to transfer in/out of the platform to the Bithares DEX.

This is your vested (powered up) WLS holdings. The more WHALESTAKE you hold, the higher your max vote value is. There is no secondary pegged asset on Whaleshares, all of your earned rewards are given in WHALESTAKE. To remove earnings from the platform you will have to Power Down a set amount of WHALESTAKE which converts it to liquid WLS.

MANA is the % of voting power your account has. Each time you share/vote for a post or comment your MANA is reduced by 2%. MANA is recharged at a rate of 20% per day. MANA and WHALESTAKE are used to calculate your vote value.

Also, referred to a Whale Tokens. These are User Issued Assets that anyone can create on the Bitshares DEX which can be used for upvotes or community contests and initiatives on the Whaleshares platform. They are called "Whale" coins because as you grow your WHALESTAKE over time and become a whale, you can leverage the value of your token to help others in the community.

More information will be announced in the coming days an weeks.

Stay tuned for official announcements and exciting contest and initiatives at each step of the way.



I've been involved in this project since practically the very beginning thanks to Fuzzy who gave me this great opportunity. It is really meaningful and happy for me to finally see this project come to live.

I can't wait to see what awaits for us and to see you all in there. Thank you to the whole team who made this possible and see you all soon in Whaleshares!

So exciting!!!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!

Hey krazy girl lol :) Yes I agree, much excitement! #pioneers

Hey Krista!

LOL - You've been Haiku'd!

So exciting!!!! Thank
You for allowing me to
Be a part of it!

                 - krazykrista

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Amazing very nice omg!

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🚀 The news EVERYONE was waiting to hear!!!

The countdown is on!

Now countdown begins🏋️💃💃💃💃


EasyDEX is not part of Whaleshares.

Yes... Just got the info... Thanks man

GREAT news :)

Good job Fuzzy :)

How exactly are the tokens distributed? Is it 1 Wls per bts and Whaleshare Token?

It will be 8.4WLS per Whaleshare & 0.0056WLS per BTS

Ok thank you.

You mean only 5.6 WLS for holding 1000 BTS? It's too low!

It comes down to shear volume. Only 10% of WLS is being dropped on whaleshare holders while 70% of WLS (7x) is being dropped on BTS holders. There are 2.1 million whaleshares and 2.6 BILLION BTS. So there are >1200 x more BTS that whaleshares to be dropped on.

I got a trial account. I know they reset, but do we get to keep our username. It was first server I was ever invited, so many friends.

yes @yidneth, you will keep your username and the content you have already posted.

Great I'm really glad :) I use same user name in all my networks :)

Nice post, resteemed.

to say I'm excited is an understatement. I can't wait for it's launch

Patiently waiting. Fantastic progress. Although I wasn't given the opportunity to be involved in testing face but I still followed at heart. Thank you team Whaleshare for bring this dream to life.


This is great news! The news I was waiting for so long! ... How is it gonna work when you signed up for months ago and the only thing that has to happen is activate the account?

Those that signed up during the closed-beta and did not get approved will be able to get an account during the open-beta using whaleshare tokens starting Aug 15th.

I have whaleshares on BTS, I can use them to create accounts, right?

Yes, more details on Aug 15th

Were finally here!!

World changing stuff!

Will it become a threat to steem blockchain.

Whaleshares will function differently, more of a sharing community where you get rewarded for sharing content. We are hoping to find synergies for them to work together.

I really am excited seeing this dApp working.

@officialfuzzy your doing some great work and love for the community, respect

This is huge................
I have never heard any thing like before

........... it seems to me like this is more like a social media platform using Proof of Brain (PoB)

something similar to the steem bockchain right......

But how do I sign up
.......could you please give me url to the wed address

You can view-only now at https://beta.whaleshares.net Stating Aug. 15th you can sign up using whaleshare tokens.

Hi @bushkill
waoooo. ......................... I just signed to the test net this huge.....

please where Can I access the white paper
I need to get a full overview of the project from a first hand basis

It's getting to time to becoming an official whalesharian. Hurray!!!

Awesome, what's the sharedrop ratio for whaleshares token?

8.4WLS per whaleshare

I have account on openledger where I was having whaleshares when the contests were going on here. Will it be the same exchange?

At this time EasyDEX and RuDEX have announced that their bridges/gateways will ready at this time to transfer WLS in/out of Whaleshares to the DEX. There is no commitment from Openledger yet, but it is still early.

Nice, I wonder too about smoke.network, you guys are earlier then them...

Sweeeet! To infinity and beyond!

The news I have been waiting for a long time now. This information just made my day. Wow! Congratulations to the @Whaleshares community

wow , Amazing net we all waiting for , congrats to this great achievement

I've been waiting for this so long, lovely <3

Great news. We are waiting


I can wait.... good job guys 😂

That was really exciting

Congratulations @officialfuzzy thank you... one love

Amazing! I cant wait more, a new beggining is coming.

Nice haven't checked Steem in months other than the price. Was just about thinking when to sell my BTS... I'll wait then :-)

So, this means that whaleshares will be a separate site, like steemit, wherein we have an accout and can post to meet people and also earn the currency whaleshares? Is it tied to steem?

I hope I don't seem stupid, but this really intrigues me and I want to make sure I understand what it is that is coming in September. It seems like it will be amazing, but again I might not be seeing it as it is meant to be seen?

Yes, whaleshares is a different site (and chain) from steemit and has no ties. You can post to both whaleshares and steemit at the same time using https://masdacs.io/

Its sooo here but we still can't just wait-Lovely community and great people

@officialfuzzy how can i get high rating on my steemit profile??

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How can I participate in the sharedrop?

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