WHAT3TREES : Promoting Steem with Trees

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I love trees !

I think What3Words.com is really cool too.

Can we put the two together to promote Steem ?

Yes we can.

Here's how you can help and earn rewards too...

The What3Trees Steem Promotion Campaign

I think everyone agrees trees are important for the planet.

There are lots of them about - but we definitely need more.

Many people on Steem are familiar with the What3Words geo-location system that has divided the whole world into 3 metre squares and given each square a unique 3 word address.

I thought it would be really fun to use the power of the Steem Community to start mapping the trees of world using What3Words.

And then use Twitter to tell the world about these trees, about Steem and What3Words.

It would be a rather unique experiment...

How To Take Part

If you would like to join in this campaign all you have to do is...

  • Find a tree near you and locate it on What3.Words.com.

  • Make a clearly readable sign with your Steem username, the What3Words address and the date.

  • Take a photo showing the tree and this sign with the What3Words location (and ideally you holding the sign).

  • Make a post on Steem with the photograph and some details about the tree and the location, and in the first five tags include #what3trees and a tag for your country.

  • Put your post on Twitter with the What3Words address, and with the tags #what3trees, #steem and most importantly @what3words.

  • Drop a link to your post in the comments of this post (or any of my posts).

In your post please include if you can the local name of the tree and the Latin scientific name.

You might also include any interesting information about the tree or the location.

Is it very old, does it produce fruit for eating etc.

The trees can be of any sort, in any location. They could be in your garden, in your street, in a local park or just somewhere you visit.

As well as the main photo of the tree with the What3Words address, if you want to include a couple of additional photos with close-ups of the leaves or the fruit or seeds that will be great.

Rewards !

This is not a contest, and it doesn't have any fixed end date.

It is mainly about attracting attention to Steem by seeing if we can build up something unique - a What3Trees map of the world.

Hopefully if everyone includes the @what3words tag in their Tweets then the people at What3Words.com will be interested...

To up the fun-rating and encourage people to take part I am going to be giving out some STEEM, some TRX and upvotes for the best posts that catch my eye.

You can post as many times as you like with different trees in different locations.

If any communities want to join in like Steem for SDGs (@ponpase), Crypto.Kids (@mariana4ve), Promo-Steem (@arie.steem) or @vipnata's new Steem Gardening that would be great.

I am not sure how this will go, and I have no idea how many people will take part.

Either way I do like looking at photos of trees so my votes are waiting...


[ graphics & images by @pennsif ]


Hola amigos, les comparto mi publicación:


Y el enlace en Twitter


Thank you for being the first #What3Trees post !

Hola soy indira de Venezuela , me encanta tu iniciativa ! Me gustaria participar en concurso !, a mi me gusta estar activa en la conservacion del ambiente

Hola amigo disculpa, pero tenía varios días sin internet, no te había leído.

Esta iniciativa me encanta, llamemos la atención 😏 de what3worlds🚀. Claro que me uniré y gracias por no poner fecha fija. Muchos de los niños no tienen cuenta de Twitter pero quizá se animen a abrirla con esta iniciativa.

Yo lo haré primero y les explicaré cómo participar.

Me harás salir de casa jeje 🤷🏻‍♀️😷😇por ti claro que lo haré 🌳🌲🌴 #WHAT3TREES

That will be great if the members of Crypto.Kids would like to take part.

I hope you are all keeping well.

Sí amigo, todos están bien en estos momentos, gracias por tu ayuda y por estar pendiente.

Los invitaré y premiaré también por participar. Vamos a marcar árboles!!! por aquí hay muchísimos jeje.

I hope the children will enjoy learning about trees too.

Ya estoy promoviendo la iniciativa, espero que logremos volverla tendencia.

Very good idea.

We are very interested in getting involved in this action. Because the STEEM for SDGs project is one that can be involved in various fields.

Especially for GLOBAL GOALS. Projects that are open to all community members. We contribute to PromoSteem and Youth Club pages.

We want to encourage more promotions by getting directly involved in the GLOBAL GOALS program.

So, this idea is also included in our list.

#what3tress : This is a very interesting concept and fundamental to drive the growth of the Steem Blockchain ecosystem.

Cross action that can collaborate with various communities, including STEEM for SDGs.

Mainly to bring more users to Steemit.

Next we will learn how the What3Words.com site works.

Continuously strive to connect and build collaborations.

I'm sure this will get a pretty good response from our volunteers and team.

Thank you very much !

That will be great if your communities would like to join in with this.

There have been some tutorial posts about using What3Words - but I can't find one at the moment...

Hello Sir,
Youth Club opening for support WHAT3TREES


Thank you very much !

Excellent, thank you.

Thanks for support Sir

Honestly, it is interesting, and I will translate into Bahasa and Post it in Steem SEA community @pennsif. I am sure it will attract the people in Indonesia because it is very easy to find trees in Indonesia. I will find a way to start making the post


That will be great, thank you.

Hola amigo @pennsif @mariana4ve me habló mucho de ti y muy bien, también me contó sobre esta hermosa iniciativa a la cuál estoy dispuesto a participar me voy a poner al día en todo porque no e tenido internet en mi pueblo.

Cuenta con mi participación amigo y por cierto soy del grupo de @ Crypto.kids y me anímare a iniciar un usuario en Twitter.

Saludos y te deseo mucho éxito amigo.


Hello sir, thanks for such a great idea. This is our entry to support this. We are very excited about this initiative and to be able to expand our campaign action. Thanks very much !


mi participación
Compartida en facebook



Nice. I like trees.

Saludos, aquí mi entrada


Hola amigo @pennsif no tengo cuenta Twitter.
Puedo compartir en facebook???

We are particularly targeting @what3words on Twitter, but you could try sharing or linking with What3Words there...

Muchas gracias

Hola amigo, me encanta mucho esta iniciativa de arboles, yo amo muchísimo las plantas y me gusta mucho la naturaleza, aquí esta mi participación.


mi twitter

#affable #venezuela

Me encanta ésta iniciativa y dado que me gustan mucho las plantas y el ecosistema voy a participar en esta gran campaña para la conservación de nuestro planeta y mostrarle a mundo a través de Steem lo bonito de los árboles. cuánta con mi participación próximamente y agradecido por crear ésta maravillosa propuesta 🙏🏻 @pennsif

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