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Adoption Alocasia Green Velvet into My Home

I prefer to say the word buy plants by adopting. The word "adoption" made me more responsible for every new plants I bought and placed in my house.

Buying plants for me is adopting. It moved the plants from the seller to my house. The responsibility for looking after the plants has passed to me.

So I'm going to share my story with you when I visited the houseplant shop in the area where I live, it's not that big place.

Although this houseplant shop has a space that is not too big, just like a backyard in general, this houseplant shop has a fairly complete collection of houseplants.

In my opinion, this shop owner cares about the trend of houseplants that many people are looking for. So this shop focuses on houseplants that are currently popular with many people.

Finally, I Adopt Houseplant Again

After some time ago I adopted two types of Calathea, this time I am again adopting an attractive houseplant and indeed many people are looking for it.

The houseplant I adopted is called "Alocasia Green Velvet." In Indonesia, we call it “Keladi Neon / Alocasia Neon Baldu”.

The special thing about this type of houseplant is that the leaves are shaped like a heart but are slightly pointed. And there is a fine hairy texture on the leaves that makes this plant special. Judging from a certain angle the texture will create a beautiful shape.

About Price

The price for this type of houseplant is quite expensive compared to the previous houseplant that I adopted.

I adopted Alocasia Green Velvet for 75 K Indonesian Rupiah or about more than 5 USD.

I'm so happy I have a new houseplant for my workspace.

What do you think about this houseplant I just adopted? Do you like the pattern on the leaves?


Binjai City, North Sumatera

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