The Diary Game 3 Sep 2020: Meeting day

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Start of the day is already implying today to be super busy. When as routine, I walked to the nearby bus stop, just when I near to the corner to the bus stop , my bus passed by so I have to run like mad. Imagine running in mask!

Reach to office, meet for today's planning. Then walk back office for daily production meeting.

After this meeting, follow up a bit line issue then another round of meeting. But this meeting many never turn up so the meeting is meaningless , need to reschedule again.

But even this meeting ended earlier, boss wanna pre review the evening meeting slides. Another meeting !

Lunch hour for a short break away. Then after lunch , another meeting for new part introduction. Simply get questioned from all angles and can't get through.

After this meeting, only about an hour apart before the next meeting again ! Can't walk away from office go to production line and back office. Will be waste of time walking here and there only. So stayed office for paperwork better.

515pm start the last meeting of the day. Luckily not getting many challenges as close to off work hour, many heart in at home already.

Exhausted for the whole day meeting, so must reward myself for the favourite dinner - Mala Hotpot! Been longing it for long time . Finally come and visit them again.

After dinner, bought bread for tomorrow breakfast and back home rest. TGIT!

I would like to thank you for @steemitblog holding up the diary game challenge and @steemcurator01 @anroja giving generous upvote in promoting the steem community.

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