The Diary Game 5 September 2020: Rainy weekend

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Start of weekend is a rainy day, so comfortable to sleep but somehow already close to my waking up time so wake up and prepare myself to go for the market and hawker center for favourite breakfast.

The market and hawker center was much lesser people during a rainy morning. So the queue for the meehun stall also shorter and fast enough to reach my turn. Then next trip is into the market to buy some vegetable for the week, also surprisingly no queue at all then can enter straight into the market and get my purchase done real quick.

After breakfast, then there come a group of 2 plumbers and 1 supervisor , saying they are going to change out the water meter to the smart reader, asked not to use or turn on the tap for 10 minutes during their work.

I recall few weeks ago already received the leaflet about their schedule work. it seems they are lack behind schedule now only reach our turn.

The water meter they installed in is of smart meter with a data transmitter , so in future the PUB board no longer need to send any meter recorder down to each household to get the water consumption reading. What they need to down is just a press of button or program , just fixed timing maybe the last day of the month eg 30 Sep 11:59pm, and get the read back from all the smart meter under their care, then the water bill can be generated easily by the difference between current and last month.

But my neighbour seems to be unsatisfactory on how the data transmitter to be pasted onto the meter and argues with the installers , poor thing, saying the transmitter would be easily torn down over time and affecting the meter read back on that month. Anyway, i think this is a small issue as the meter reading still able to read manually on the meter. Should there any argument, just send a photo to the PUB then they could do the reversal and replace the meter.

Lunch time , walked to another direction food court for nasi lemak, long time never ate already , but the food court was just packed of customers eating the thai food bbq. So smoky the whole food court, so decided to take away the food.

Also buy some grocery food at this vegetarian specialized shop as almost all finish consumed already.

The rain seem persist until late evening, so the whole day is just so cool and windy. Make me feel like today weather was just like last time when we were travelling to Hong Kong in May. Super like this kind of weather.

I would like to thank you for @steemitblog holding up the diary game challenge and @steemcurator01 @anroja giving generous upvote in promoting the steem community.

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