The Diary Game 7 September 2020: tiring + shopping

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Yet another busy week start. Before reaching company already get to know from whatapps a colleague sprain his angle and not coming work. More works expected to flow to me again .

And also another job come in by colleague asking help to withdraw spare parts. Which I not so familiar with, but need to explore new avenue to try it out.

Withdraw spare part need to go another site as the store located there. Distance almost like 200m away , do a lot of walking up down stairscase. Then walked back to hand over the parts to others.

Then need arrange store guy to hand me the precious metal targets which they keep in a safe, need supervisor to handle. Again run here and there.

Another done these logistic works, almost half day gone , left almost half an hour only before lunch. Gotta do small piece works continue to update checklist for bit by bit finish work.

Too bored of work life, lunch walk alone to go outside to get delicious food to reward myself. Because I know after lunch work is a tough work ahead.

Work like no day and night , then find out big issue in the tool, related to safety , better ground the tool until morning for further checking.

Dinner mala hotpot, another reward to myself for tiring days .. then go to ABC for cheap grocery.

While walking , then only realise today I supposed to collect from package from ezbuy. Already make delivery arrangement to be first day of available time.

Rush home and standby to go gather area for package collection ! Hope the items in good shape and noneed to repurchase or complain !

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