The diary game 14 Sep 2020: Half day leave

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Today need to settle something downtown , so have to take half day leave. And before the start of week , over weekend already knew today going to be a tough day as my counter part left a big hole for me to patch- no spare part.

So in the morning meeting, I have no choice but to reveal the big potential risk to everybody , or else everybody put a blame on me of not preparing the sparepart. While I have to get the vendor to commit the delivery to us asap, I have to let the management knowing what going on the ground instead of me myself holding the bomb.

Right after the morning meeting, I rush to the store to meet the vendor supervisor on-site asking favour to expedite. Apparently the part is need 2 layer of cleaning , one is by the vendor on site today. The other is cleaning vendor . So again need to make a call to the second tier vendor for favour and make arrangement with the store supervisor in order tomorrow urgent delivery is in and not encountered any problem.

While working on the vendor handling, another activity suddenly slot in for evaluation! Again urgently rush inside line to find out the details because the counterpart never really pass down to me clearly but want me patch the hole !

Hectically settled the problem and email to everybody for clear instructions. Then almost time to go off half day.

Before leave , received a moon cake from leader, saying distributed by vendor to our team , each get one piece. This is the first moon cake up till date.

Leaving half day , so lunch at HDB block near to the MRT . But unfortunately the time when I left company, it started to rain, so need to use the umbrella and get wet a little.

After settled the business at downtown then have ample time then go to the toa payoh town to do some shopping cum bank stuff settle. Also took dinner there ,as I recall there is a famous stall selling rojak with having super long queue during meal peak hour, so decided to revisit this stall and taste the rojak after so many years never ate.

Night time also got parcel collection from Ezbuy. Finally the parcel reach after few week wait, though not so urgent.

I would like to thank you for @steemitblog holding up the diary game challenge and @steemcurator01 @anroja giving generous upvote in promoting the steem community.

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