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If you have not yet know this coolest trading apps, now you will know after reading this post.


If you are reading my previous post which is about pionex, then it's easy for you to understand what is bituniverse is.

Same concept as pionex, bituniverse also is a grid trading bot that runs all the trading for you while you away or idle. So far at pionex I have really a good experience on using it. So for you are the same person as me which is not much time to trade but wanted to earn from trading, you must read this.

If you are binance users and wanted to trade like a boss same as pionex,you can do that with bituniverse. This is the real core value of bituniverse. The concept is the same as pionex, bUt now you can use bituniverse to auto trade your crypto in binance.

Yes, you are not reading wrong, now you have not to trade for you in binance.

But first, for using bituniverse, you need to have two account, which is binance and pionex, then you are good to go.


But there not only binance in the list, if you are into other exchange, there are few listed exchange to connect to bituniverse.

So take finance as example, you need to activate the API to allow you to extract all the data to bituniverse, then from there you can start to trade all pairs that available in finance. Maybe I will do a detail tutorial on next post.


See, now I can trade using the bot. If you are not familiar with future market, you can start with grid trading which is what we called spot trading. Only thing all the buy sell will done by bot, so u will not headache to set the buy and sell price and waiting the buy and sell to be done.

If you are planning to leverage your hive to bigger portion, you can started to trade. Of course this is not financial advise, the risk is still there. So becareful when trading.

Hope this will help and good luck

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