How to Overcome Social Phobia 如何克服社交恐惧症

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Strictly speaking, social phobia is a subtype of phobia, belonging to one type of the neurosis.

To overcome social phobia, you must first find the fear in your heart, and then all you have to do is train yourself and overcome anxiety.

Instead of avoiding passively, you should make changes actively.

Your appearance was born, but your temperament is cultivated by yourself.

Each of us is not as important in the crowd as we think.

The outside world is not filled with intrigue as we think.

Most people in life are kind and tolerant.

How to Pretend to Be Calm on Stage

When nervous, the human brain cortex is more excited, and the human body will secrete more adrenaline. So your heart beats faster and you breathe faster, which is just a very normal reaction of human beings in the long process of evolution. And it can be said that tension is a very important characteristic of human beings to continue.

Excitement Instead of Tension

Starting from the root, train yourself again and again.

When you get more familiar with the same scene, or have a better grasp of what you're doing, naturally you won't be nervous.

It's good to keep a little bit of nervers, which will give you more focus and more awe.

Research shows that love is actually a protein secreted by the human body, which can only survive for 18-30 months.

Close your eyes and think about the happy images of meeting people: who appears before your eyes, someone else or yourself?

What you think of is the surprise when you received the gift, your tears moved by his expression of love for you, or the figure of that person in your eyes and heart?

Of course, when true love comes, the two things will not be so clear.


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