Let it to own it

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Took this photo, this will be the one last window shot from the house. I really couldn't afford it anymore, since the C19 has been affecting not only the company business, but the overall spending ability has gone south.

Technically, the money I have are worth much less. Note that stocks and crypto value are on the rise, which I highly doubted if they really worth that much, but it feels more like people(the public) is losing confident on fiat value and load their "money" into assets, including digital assets such as Bitcoin.

The house will be rented to a handsome couple for a fraction of my monthly payment to own the house. The irony is, I'm technically the rightful owner of the house, but I will have to let somebody enjoy my property because I couldn't afford it.

It's not regret, but somehow this is where we learn to not spend beyond our mean. Don't bank the future money. Property broker has always said, house is an asset because it will gain value over time. That stands correct, provided we have the holding power. Not when the house is technically own by the bank and I will be the donkey to pay my ass off so someone else can enjoy the house.

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