Fish head noodle day

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My colleagues decided to give me a nice treat on a regular day, I guess that's where they start seeing me getting serious in diet. What do you think I did? am I doing to pass? 😂

Ofcourse not. So I joined the little food army, headed to Paramount for the XO fish head noodle. I got myself a glass of lime juice, no sugar yo! Followed by a huge bowl of rice noodle. It is really tasty in my book, I'd come back for more next time.

Whilst I was rushing in the office since credit control meeting is the next day, kinda feeling some emptiness, so I had two pack of peanuts. By the time I reached home, ex-girlfriend left me some chicken and some vegetable. After that, I had a long night to catch up with my blogs and game recording, so I made myself a cup of coffee.

Not exactly sure how much I've put on, we will find out again on next Monday when I go and meet the coach.

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yummy 😋

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it is 🙂

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